Striving to achieve its mission, the Sri Lanka Cancer Society, regardless of cultural, social, ethnic, religious or ideological backgrounds, strives to provide needy Cancer patients with the quality of life, the care, protection and security they deserve. With this end in view, the Sri Lanka Cancer Society is involved in a multitude of activities which include, inter-alia, operating and maintaining a Hospice – “Shantha Sevana” for terminally ill Cancer patients, as well as the “Bandaranaike Memorial Cancer Home” which provides care and accommodation to Cancer patients undergoing treatment at the Maharagama Cancer Institute, providing relief to and rehabilitation of Cancer patients, and Public Education & Awareness.

The Society is a member of the Union of International Cancer Control (UICC), Geneva.

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About Us

To us, at the Sri Lanka Cancer Society a cancer patient is a human being deserving of great care, protection and a better quality of life. Our mission therefore has a singular focus, to provide the best care for cancer patients, irrespective of their cultural, social, ethnic or religious backgrounds.

Our hope is to see a world free of cancer but until then, we strive to provide solace and care to needy  cancer patients primarily through our two facilities. The first is ‘Shantha Sevena’ a hospice for the  care of terminally ill Cancer patients. The second is the ‘Bandaranaike Memorial Cancer Homes” a transit home & care facility for Cancer patients receiving treatment at the Maharagama Cancer Institute.

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