Ex-Co member

Ex-Co member

Premila Perera
Sri Lanka Cancer Society

 Our vision “to help cure, relieve often & comfort always” .

Our mission two-fold, the first to provide care and solace, the second to promote cancer awareness amongst the community.Under our care arm, we operate two facilities, a hospice care facility and a transit home, both located near the Apeksha hospital, Maharagama. The patients at both these locations, are provided accommodation, meals & care free of charge and oncologists have always recommended our facilities due to the standard of care we provide our patients. We also have an out-patient relief scheme where we provide provisions and a monthly stipend to those discharged from hospital, but have no means of earning a living. On the awareness front we host a variety of seminars, programs and also a poly -clinic.

The governing body of the Society ie the Executive Committee is comprised of volunteers from various fields, likewise volunteers oversee the operation of the various facilities & other activities, all for the benefit of needy cancer patients.  The estimated annual expenditure to provide all this would approx Rs 70Mn. So the life blood of the society to make all this possible is donor funds.

Let us thus remember the words of Pope Francis ‘living for others is a rule of nature, we are all born to help each other no matter how difficult it is, life is good when you are happy but much better when others are happy because of you’

I appeal to you to support us by any means possible.