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“I’m from Madampe, Chilaw. My husband is dead and I live with my sister. Although I have three children they are unable to do anything for me. I’m suffering from Cervical Cancer, diagnosed 10 years back. (Read more)

I was employed as a Security Officer when I lost the functioning of both legs. I was later diagnosed with a small growth in my spine which was removed through surgery at the Apeksha Hospital. I was unable (Read more)

My name is Karunawathi from Nittambuwa and I was diagnosed with womb cancer. Initially the cancer scared me, when I was diagnosed and I fell into a deep depression. My family’s mental state was low because of it. (Read more)

I’m 57yrs old and from Polonnaruwa, my wife has cancer. When we were told about the diagnosis, we felt helpless and lost. I think cancer is the most unfortunate disease one could get on the planet. To get treatment we would have to travel from Polonnaruwa,  (Read more)


Geethakanthi – Nurse
My name is M.D. Geethakanthi, I’ve been working here for 7 years. Though there are set times since this is a Hospice, we work far beyond the set working times but we don’t feel it, the mental satisfaction we get far outweighs the salary. This environment seems to be a place between life and death, the patient you are talking to now could have passed away in the next hour. All our patients are referred to us from the Apeksha hospital, for palliative care. The cancer patients who come to us are both physically weak and mentally downcast. Our role is to lift them up. We are very sensitive to their feelings we treat them as we would our parents. As a palliative nurse I have to say I feel honored to do this profession at this place since our patients are terminal and we have to make them as comfortable as possible. And even patients are very close to us, if we go home, they wait till we return. Our electricity and water bills, the medicines for patients, the equipment, the staff wages, the food items are all funded by donations. I would kindly ask everyone to donate or volunteer at the Shanthi Sevana Hospice, and in helping us to care for these patients, you are doing an act of charity which will earn you much good merit.”